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Rhodes Island Expertise: Benefit from our local knowledge and expertise, as our chauffeurs navigate the roads of Rhodes Island with precision and efficiency.

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(DURATION 7-8 hours )
Departure from the starting point! We cross the western side of Rhodes, next to the sea. One stop is the castle of the village of Kritinia with a view of the small islands of Halki and Alimia! 45" break at the cafe of the village castle. We cross along the village of Kritinia with a view of the island's highest mountain, ATTAVYRO!
We arrive at the village of Siana to taste traditional products and fresh honey. Visit to the dam of Appollakia with a break for photos of the wonderful landscape. We have lunch in the village square of Vati under a plane tree with local delicacies. Back to the starting point!
(DURATION 7-8 hours )
Departure from the starting point! We pass through the village of Faliraki towards Ladiko and next to the edge of the sea of the village of Afantou. A destination is the beautiful 7 springs with a visit to the 180m2 dark tunnel ending in the waterfall and a stop for a coffee break. Departure for the village of Archipoli with a stop at the small farm with donkeys in the company of a traditional family that produces handmade products and local honey! We cross the village of Elousa alongside the mountain of the prophet Elias with a stop at the 2nd oldest monastery of the 15th century BC. THE HAZELNUT! Descending from the 500 meter height we go to the village of Apollona where we will have lunch there!! Return to the starting point!
rhodes private tours
(DURATION 7-8 hours )
Departure from the starting point!
We cross the village of Maritsa by climbing the mountain to the village of Psinthos with a visit to the small museum of the village and a coffee break, next destination is the village of Archipoli where we get to know a traditional family of the village which produces local products and honey which we will taste, follows the village of Eleousa and Platania ending with the dam of GADOURA!
Followed by the village of Laerma and a visit to the monastery THARRI! Stop at the village of Vati with a meal of local dishes under the plane tree! Back to the starting point!
rhodes private tours
(DURATION 7-8 hours )
Departure from the starting point!
Passing the village of Lachania with a stop at the waterfall of the next village of Messanagrou with a 200 meter hike and a Greek coffee at the traditional cafe.
Then a visit to the Skiadi monastery followed by the village of Appollakia with the destination of the village of Monolithos with a tasting of traditional products - a visit to the castle of Monolithos.
Next is the village of Siana with a route of dense vegetation to cross the village of Empona which is at the foot of Attavyros mountain, we have lunch in the next village of Apollon in a traditional tavern. Back to the starting point!
Rhodes Wine Tasting
We begin by taking a tour through the vineyards explaining our cultivation methods and process.
Once we have taken in the sun, we approach the outdoor bar to have an in-depth wine tasting while we discuss oenological methods we employ.
Afterwards, we appeal to your appetite by doing a cooking lesson, where participation is optional but usually quite fun. At the end of the cooking part, you can sit down at our restaurant area overlooking the vineyards, where you are served a multi course tapas style meal. We call them "mezedes" and we feel they follow the theme of discovering Greek cuisine and giving plenty of opportunity to pair the different wines of our production. The menu is mostly vegetarian :
Private Sunset Tour!
Are you a Sunset Lover? Then you should join our private Sunset Tour!
Experience a breathtaking sunset at the top of Filerimos mountain while enjoying your champagne and fruits!
Filerimos rises 267m above sea level so is an ideal place to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Aegean sea. Take a walk in the nature with the numerous cypresses and pines and have a close encounter with the peacocks wandering around. Visit the ruins of Ancient Acropolis of Ialysos and the monastery, housing the icon of the Virgin Mary of Filerimos, both restored by the Italians.
At the end of the Calvary Way - “Road of Golgotha” – you can see the 18m gigantic Cross ,in which you can climb up through a round staircase in the interior of the cross leading to the horizontal part of the cross, offering an astonishing panoramic view of the whole island, particularly enchanting at sunset!
Sunset riding Tour
For horse lovers who love to travel ,nothing is more magical than when those two passions are combined! Whether you love a morning tour in nature or an afternoon sunset tour , ADEEB HORSE TOURS can exceed your expectations!

Morning tour starts in a horse arena close to the Valley of Butterflies and leads you through a beautiful countryside route ,helping you create a memorable time in Rhodes Island while horseback riding. In the afternoon tour, you can enjoy a majestic sunset view while strolling on the beach! Both are in guided tours that cater to all level of experience and a gentle pace is kept during the ride.

● Private tours for special events such as wedding proposals ,birthdays ,anniversaries are booked upon request.
● Videos and photos are available for free.

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